Monday, November 24, 2008

Daddy God Has Your Best Interest At Heart

As you all know, my second son received his PSLE results last Thursday.

For the last few days, my wife and I have been deliberating over which secondary schools to apply for admission for him. We are allowed 6 choices (ranked in order of preference) and have to submit the application by Wednesday.

My son has already set his mind on one particular school (let's call it XYZ school). We asked him why he wanted to study there. He said a few of his friends are choosing XYZ, and he also liked XYZ's school and PE (i.e. physical exercise) uniforms.

Last Saturday, we accompanied him to visit XYZ using public transport and the journey took us about 45 minutes during off-peak hours. When we reached there, we saw quite a bit of construction activity going on. The school is building a new multi-storey hall and renovating a classroom block.

We walked around for a while but couldn't locate the school field. We asked one student and he told us that the temporary classrooms and canteen are sitting on it. You can tell by now that my wife and I are not too keen on XYZ, can't you?

Anyway, we brought our son to visit 2 other schools nearer our home (less than 25 minutes' journey by public transport). Both schools were relatively new (less than 10 years) with lots of open spaces and well-maintained facilities. Both schools happened to be hosting open house visits that day and we were impressed by the students who were running the show.

Before the school visits, as recognition of my son's hard work in preparing for his PSLE, I had wanted to let him name XYZ as his first choice while we will choose the rest. However, after the visits, we decided not to allow him the choice of XYZ because of the long distance and travelling time, and all the construction activity going on.

We managed to convince him to give up on XYZ as he could see for himself the difference between XYZ and the other 2 schools. He wasn't enthused by the uniforms of the other 2 schools though, but we explained to him that it was not as important a consideration compared to the school environment and travel time.

What's the whole point of telling you all this? Well, this episode shows you that we, as parents, want what is best for our child. Our considerations are also different from our child's since we are more mature than him. Sometimes, we cannot give him what he wants because we feel that it is not good for him.

Similarly, when we do not get what we want from Daddy God, do not think bad of Him. Know that Daddy God always has your best interest at heart. Sometimes, it could take quite a while before we understand the rationale or maybe we never understand why but know that He loves you and wants you well.

Jeremiah 29:11 (Amplified Bible)
11For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.

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Daughter Of Sarah said...

It is true that being parents gives us a better understanding about why our Heavenly Daddy does certain things and how much He loves us.

Being a parent is a real gift and I thank God for blesing us in such a way.