Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Faith = Believing + Speaking

I had wanted to share more in depth about the sermon on faith that Pastor Charles Nieman preached in New Creation Church last month. However, "King David" has beaten me to it with his excellent article on the sermon (you can read it here).

Another brother from NCC, Jimmy has also written an excellent article on it (read it here). He also expounded on the Chinese word for faith, and I have received his permission to reproduce it below:

Bonus revelation (not taught in the sermon)

This morning, the Lord showed me that the Chinese word for "faith" or "belief" actually conveys the meaning "believing and speaking"!

xin4 (meaning "faith")

(Picture courtesy of http://www.living-chinese-symbols.com/chinese-symbol-for-faith.html)

The word "xin4" means faith.
This Chinese word is made up of 2 parts or characters.
The left part "ren2" means a person.
The right part "yan2" means speech.
Hence, together they form the meaning "a person believing and speaking"!

For more information about chinese characters and the Bible:

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