Thursday, December 25, 2008

Love's Come Down

New Creation Church (NCC) recently contributed $100,000 in support of Celebrate Christmas In Singapore (CCIS) 2008. This included sponsorship of a float, Love’s Come Down, for $30,000. Deacon Matthew Kang and Deacon Anthony Lau represented our church on board the float as it travelled down Orchard Road as part of a float procession on Friday, 19 December. The event was graced by guest of honour Mayor Amy Khor. (source:
In the third picture, you'll see Deacon Matthew Kang (in red), Mayor Amy Khor, and Rev Oh Beng Khee, the CCIS chairman (in orange) and his wife (in white).

In one of Pastor Prince's sermons, PP talked about how he (when he was a student) passed by a church and went in for the healing sevice and was healed even though that church's pastor, being a short man, could not quite touch PP's head (because of the many people crowding the stage) but his hand just merely brushed against PP's hair.  Rev Oh is that short pastor.

I, together with my mum and brother and sisters had attended his church since we (excluding my mum) were little kids.  Rev Oh was the senior pastor until the 1980s when he left to be a missionary.   Rev Oh and Mrs Oh still remember us.

About a year ago (I can't remember the exact date), Rev Oh and Mrs Oh attended New Creation Church's Sunday worship service because Rev Oh's preaching engagement at another church for that Sunday was cancelled.  They were exiting the Rock Auditorium after the service and saw my mum in the queue (for the next service) and came over and chatted.  He said he enjoyed the service and had bought several PP sermon cds to listen.  We were so happy that he has encountered and was willing to listen to the grace gospel.

A few months after our divine appointment, we heard that Rev Oh and Mrs Oh were in a traffic accident in Indonesia.  We heard that the Indonesian pastor and his wife who were with them in the same car passed away but Rev Oh was badly injured while Mrs Oh suffered only minor injury.  Thank God that Rev Oh made a quick recovery (see here and here for Rev Oh's video messages filmed in the hospital to reassure all who know him). 

I believe that the accident was an attempt by the devil to take out a powerful servant of God who has been touched by the grace gospel.  Rev Oh is already a humorous and powerful speaker, especially anointed in reaching the Cantonese speaking congregation.  When such a man of God starts preaching the grace gospel, can you imagine the impact on the Cantonese speaking church?  You can already see that impact on NCC's Hokkien congregation which is now the largest Hokkien church in Singapore after just a few years.

I believe God preserved Rev Oh for the gospel revolution and look forward to hearing great news about his ministry in the days to come.  God's grace be upon Rev Oh and Mrs Oh, amen!


Malcolm Loh said...

Wow, Stan, I am very encouraged by this testimony.

I've been asked occasionally to pray for the senior pastor of my church and to be frank, it's been prayers to pray him out rather than up, like what happened to the previous youth pastor.

But I think God is reminding me here that He can use even the most law-based of pastors (like how He used Saul of Tarsus). So my New Year Reso for 2009 is to pray him up... to also catch the grace message.

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Mal,

Let God bless your pastor to repentence :-)

Kat said...

Hi Stan,
Thanks for sharing about Pastor Oh. I am so glad and thankful that he is open and receptive to the gospel of grace. I am sure God will use him mightily to reach the Cantonese speaking crowd. Maybe then, we will be coopted into the Cantonese grace movement too! ;-)

peter said...

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