Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who's Your Neighbour?

Last night, we had a very enjoyable fellowship night at Owen Seafood Restaurant in Turf City.  The conversation and sharing was great, and the food (graciously sponsored by Joshua Lye, Jeffery and Malcolm, thanks Josh, Jeff and Mal!) was delicious.  Some of us were meeting each other for the first time though we have been communicating via our blogs.  I'll leave it to Malcolm to report the night in detail.

One brother who came was Kevin (see pic, tallest Indian brother at the back row 4th from left) whom I (see pic for the handsome guy in red, ok I forgive you for puking) first met when Jeffery came together with him to my stall months ago, or so I thought.  Last night after dinner, we were chatting a bit and talking about walking out to the bus-stop together since we both live in the Bukit Batok area. 

Kevin told me he lives around the CDANS clubhouse and I said,"I used to live around there too, at Block 402".  Kevin said that he actually lives at Block 402 too!  I said,"Don't tell me you live on the 7th floor?"  Kevin said,"Yes!"

Kevin and I were so amazed because 15 years ago, I actually lived next door to Kevin for 5 years before I moved to my present home.  I know Kevin's parents (not well but we have chatted before at the lift lobby) and have even talked to them when they happened to pass by my stall some months ago!

I have already met Kevin 15 years ago when he was a teenager and not known it until last night. Our God truly has a sense of timing because 15 years ago, Kevin and I would not have connected because we were in different stages of our lives - he was a teenage student while I was just married and getting ready to start a family.

But now, we share common ground since we are both adults and also touched by the grace gospel.  In fact, after we reached the Bukit Batok bus-interchange where Kevin had to catch a feeder bus home, we decided to fellowship some more at a nearby coffee shop until 12.30am!

Right People, Right Place, Right Time - only our God can plan like that!


Malcolm Loh said...

Hey Stan, what are the odds! Only God can behind such a divine arrangement!

In fact, sometimes get the both of you mixed up and call Kevin "Stan" instead of "Kev" because his surname is your first name.

Maybe that's the reason why.

Hey, how come the photo on your blog same as mine?

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Mal,

I "borrowed" your photo lah :-)

I bet Geri couldn't come up with a script like that ;-)

Daughter Of Sarah said...

Wah! No coincidence in Christ!!!!! =D

Only Christ can come out with a script like that haha... Thank God that He is my creativity.

Ian and I have had similar experiences and Ian's sister and her hubby too. LOL!!! Tell you more next time haha.

Our God has such perfect timing... =D

Will be nice to meet each other more often. Enjoyable banter with y'all. =)