Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lessons From Sending My Digicam For Repair

I sent my 8-megapixel digital camera in for repair last month. As it was less than a year old and still under warranty, I did not expect to pay any repair charges. A few hours after I dropped off my camera, the technician called me back and informed me that it could not be economically repaired because the circuit board was badly corroded and corrosion is not covered under the warranty.

I was very upset and told the technician that I was very disappointed with his brand of cameras which can be so easily spoilt even though I seldom used it and had taken good care of it. The technician told me that the camera must have come into contact with water but he would try his best to salvage the camera.

Later, I asked my son, who was the last person to use the camera, whether he had dropped it into water. He confessed that after his school excursion, he had actually dumped his schools shorts with the camera inside the pocket into a pail of soapy water meant for soaking dirty laundry.

Immediately, I prayed to God for his unmerited favour. I asked God to please repair my camera free of charge even though I don't deserve it because the camera was spoilt due to my son's carelessness. One week later, the technician called me back to inform me that he had repaired my camera by changing the circuit board, free of charge out of goodwill. Praise God for his unmerited favour! ---> Lesson No. 1

2 days ago, I went to the technical office to collect my camera. The technician again stressed to me that the corrosion damage is not covered under warranty but he changed the circuit board free of charge for me. I thanked him (and God in my heart) again for his kindness.

The technician switched on the camera to demonstrate that the camera is now functional and then pointing to the LCD screenviewer of the camera he said,"See, in fact I am giving you a brand new camera because I have upgraded it from the original 8-megapixel to a brand new 9-megapixel circuit board." Whoa! This is a demonstration of exactly what Pastor Lian preached last Sunday - God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think! (Ephesians 3:20) ---> Lesson No. 2

If the technician did not tell me about it, I would not have known that effectively I had upgraded my old 8-megapixel digicam to a brand new 9-megapixel one because externally, the camera looks exactly the same as before.

Similarly, we need more and more preachers like Pastor Prince who tell us that after we have received Christ, we are no longer our old selves - our old corroded circuit boards have been removed and replaced with brand new higher grade circuit boards! Externally we still look like our same old selves (although in time that will also change, from glory to more glory) but effectively we are a new creation, the righteousness of God in Christ! (2 Cor 5:21) ---> Lesson No. 3

Finally, the most important lesson of all is this: never, Never, NEVER, NEVER dump your camera into a pail of water! ---> Lesson No. 4


Malcolm Loh said...

Hi Stan

What I enjoy about your blog is how you are able to draw spiritual lessons from everyday life.

You must have been taught well by the Master, who Himself also told stories about everyday life in his parables.

No wonder Cyberanger gave you the award, even though you've only started being on blogosphere in mid-Nov 08 :-)

Do keep the posts coming...

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Mal,

Thanks for the compliment :-) It's all His grace ... I've tried to squeeze topics out by my own effort before and suffer writer's block ... now I labour to rest and let the words come to me by His grace ... It's more enjoyable this way :-)

blogpastor said...

God is good!

Anonymous said...

all the time!

Angie said...

Stan, this is a wonderful post! I was just thinking about your testimony last nite during my quiet time and saw how God used the incident of your son dropping the camera into the water to the birth of your post. I like how you brought out lesson 3 thru this incident.

I've been upgraded on the inside! ;D

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Angie,

If only the preachers (outside NCC) also realize that we are all upgraded ... they are still using the old operation manual which is not relevant for the upgraded model ;-)

Angie said...

hahaha dat's right! but with blogs like yours, upgraded models would know they can't go back to old manuals and start looking for preachers with new manuals. Better still, they start feeding on new manuals themselves ;)