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Are Law and Grace in Conflict? - Readers' Views

Comments from readers on "Are Law and Grace in Conflict?":

eekpil said...

What is balanced preaching? Some of us suggest that it is a mixture of Law and Grace.

Such a conclusion is arrived at because we considered only God's system, i.e. the two covenants, and fail to consider that there is a separate godless system. As a result, this is what we see (erroneously, I believe):

Law vs Grace = Law vs Lawlessness

We fail to realise that importance of differetiating between:
(a) the comparison of God's convenants (Law and Grace) and

(b) the comparison between God's system (Law and Grace) and the godless system (Lawlessness).

The failure to do so has caused much confusion and misunderstanding in the Church, with regard to the preaching of pure grace.

The bigger picture perspective, I believe, is as follows:
- Law vs Grace vs Lawlessness

For believers, it is a no brainer that the godless system of lawlessness is to be rejected outright. We are against sin. We are against lawlessness. Because we know that sin and lawlessness will rob people of the glorious and victorious life God wills and plans for all of us to enjoy.

That leaves us with God's system of Law vs Grace.

We will do well to be clear that God's system of covenants is such that we are either under one or the other.

We cannot mix both. If we mix the two, we nullify both.

We cannot mix new wine with old wine skin. If we do so, you lose both. Jesus wants us to be either hot or cold, not luke warm.

The mixture of Law and Grace is Galatianism (which the apostle was agressively against, as recorded in the book of Galatians in the New Testament).

Therefore, my conclusion is as follows:
The preaching of pure Law is Legalism.
The preaching of lawlessness is Antinonmianism.
Both are extreme and imbalance, and should rightfully be rejected by the Church.

The preacing of a mixture of Law and Grace is Galatianism.
It is unbiblical and confusing.
It robs the believers of the blessing of enjoying the power of God's covenants.
Such preaching should, according to the apostle Paul, be rejected by the Church.

The preaching of pure Grace is preaching of the Gospel of Christ, which is balanced preaching.

grace said...

I agree with what eekpil said and it is really true that we cannot mix law and grace, you are either under one or the other.

The purpose of the law is to bring us to grace. For that I agree that the law is not in conflict with grace because its purpose is to bring us to is like the tutor (Galatians 3 :24)

However if we choose to live under the law, the law will demand of us...we have to "work"...the law causes us to be works based, it is all about our self effort...THOU shalt not...when we are works based, we fall out of grace. In this aspect, the law is in conflict with grace. Law based living is dependent on the works of our flesh, not dependent on UNEARNED, UNMERITED FAVOUR which is what God's grace is about.

Romans 8:4-6
"that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.
For those who live according to the flesh swt their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.
For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace."


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Malcolm Loh said...

Excellent expositions. Thanks for posting them!