Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grace Roots - Online Community For Grace Believers

I have just joined an online community "Grace Roots" started by Joel Brueseke (his blog is also named "Grace Roots"). I think it is a great vision of his to establish a community so that grace believers from all over the world can "connect with one another as our hearts become established in grace and grow in grace."

Here in Singapore, we also have our own little community that grew naturally out of our common belief in the grace gospel. Jeffrey called it the "tao suan fellowship" as our first meeting was at the hawker centre where my dessert stall is situated (for our overseas friends, "tao suan" is a dessert made from green beans).

By the way, we'll be meeting again on Wednesday, 3 June around noon at the hawker centre (Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, next to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School) . You are welcome to join us.

Thank God for the technology given to us so that the grace gospel can be easily shared. I encourage you to join the Grace Roots community to share with, learn from and encourage one another as our hearts become established in grace.

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Angie said...

"When believers come together, it is like putting many light bulbs together and it becomes very bright. It is also like putting many candles together and those who are lukewarm will catch the fire from the rest, and thus burn brighter.

Our fellowship with God is in the realm of the spirit because God is spirit (John 4:24). Likewise, our fellowship with fellow believers IS NOT merely social but spiritual. It is not just a meeting of the minds but a meeting of the spirits. It is not activity-centred but faith-centred. It is not self-centred but Christ-centred. Phil 1:5 calls it "fellowship in the gospel (good news!)

Because fellowship is in the realm of the spirit, it can bring about transformations that can never be achieved in the soul realm. We can be greatly impacted by fellowshipping with others who are connected to God." - Joshua Lye, Walking on Water

HALLELUJAH! Let's get into fellowship often! Like the early church did! ;D