Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Musings of the Ice Kacang Man (2)


continuing from Part 1 of my post …

5. Customers who buy from me when they saw a queue at my stall

Actually, this applies to many other stalls because Singaporeans typically like to join queues thinking that the reason why there is a queue is that the food must be good, although this (ie. the food is good) is not always the case.

Nevertheless, the queue has enticed a previously unsure customer to at least give the stall a try. This is true of New Creation Church where there’s always a queue for each of the four services on Sunday.

I have heard of a friend’s friend who joined the queue without knowing that the people were queuing to go to church. He thought it was for some really good shopping deal (a reasonable conclusion since NCC is situated inside Suntec City) but only found out the truth when he reached the front of the queue … and the irony was that he couldn’t get into the Rock Auditorium because it was already full by then! Anyway, he was so intrigued by the fact that people actually queue up for an hour to go to church that he went back the next Sunday and got saved … now that’s the really good deal!

6. Customers who switch to the other stall after queuing for a while at my stall

There are customers who don’t mind queuing for a little bit longer than usual because they really love the food and of course, there are others who don’t love it that much and therefore feel it is not worth their while or time to continue queuing and switch to the other stall.

Similarly, while NCC’s queue has attracted some people to the church, the very same queue has also turned off many people from attending the church. I have invited quite a few people to come and visit NCC and listen for themselves the grace gospel but the number one reason they give for not wanting to come is “I don’t like the queue!” The irony is, I suspect, that these very same people wouldn’t mind queuing up an hour to patronise a very famous food stall. The truth is that they are probably satisfied with what they are fed every Sunday in their own church and are therefore not motivated to try something different. They may even think that there isn’t much difference anyway. I know because I was once like that too!

7. Customers who buy from the other stall when my stall is closed

Every once in a while, I find out from my customer that they bought from the other stall when my stall was closed. Usually, the conversation begins like this: “That day I came but your stall was closed, so I bought from the other stall. Wah … not nice, yours still better.” (Ok, before you point an accusing finger at me and call me proud, let me stress that I’m telling the truth, otherwise how would I have known that they bought from the other stall?) These are the ones who graduate to join those in group 8.

Of course, there will be those who don’t mind to continue buying from the other stall when my stall is closed as they feel that the standards are similar or are willing to accept a lower standard.

Similarly, there are NCC members who, for whatever reason, attended another church and finally realized or appreciated what good food they receive every Sunday at NCC, and there are also those who still cannot really tell the difference between grace and mixture.

8. Customers who don’t buy from the other stall even when my stall is closed

Some of these customers are those who graduated from Group 7 ;-) while some are those who really like my desserts and refuse to settle for any other (Mal, is that you? ;-)).

Likewise, there are many NCC members who wouldn’t want to go anywhere else because they know that they are receiving one of the best, if not the best, feeding from one of the best, if not the best, shepherds in the world. They know that they know that they know the GOSPEL is preached here.

(to be continued)


Kat said...

Dear ice kachang man,
God has given you the wonderful gift of gleaning spiritual insights from everyday happenings...;)
BTW your aloe vera dessert is the best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam..;)

Stanley Wong said...

Thanks Kat! ok, give u extra on your next visit ;-)

Malcolm Loh said...

Hi Stan

Thanks for putting me in Category 8 :-)

My personal favourite is the mango pudding

Silk said...


I've never eaten from your stall before, perhaps I should pay you a visit! I'm sort of on a hunt for good dessert stalls in Singapore (which are pretty rare).

I actually love this dessert stall at changi village and will not patronise any other stalls if it's not open. It's a matter of once you taste something so nice, everything else doesn't seem so wonderful anymore. It's the same with Jesus. I've tasted him and I won't settle for second best.