Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catching Attention

I adjusted my blog's layout on Tuesday after feedback from Sarah during Monday's Grace United fellowship. She said that the layout was a bit messy making it difficult for her to find what she wanted. She said that she reads my blog because she knows me but would have otherwise skipped it because she would not have bothered to navigate through the layout.

I explained to her that I calibrated my layout to fit my 19inch LCD screen nicely so that all the most important items/links are displayed on the screen when my web page is opened. She replied that she accesses my page from her notebook/laptop which has a smaller screen and that many people use laptops/notebooks/netbooks nowadays. I knew this but it did not cross my mind to design my blog to suit smaller screens because I am looking at it everyday on my bigger screen.

I spent 2 hours adjusting the sizes of pictures and columns and rearranging the positions of widgets hoping that the web page will be suitable for smaller screens and still look good on a bigger screen. The contents of my blog remain the same but the presentation has been adjusted to try to reach a bigger audience.

I realized that it is the same with the gospel. Many people think that preachers like Andrew Wommack, Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince (just to name a few) are changing the gospel to reach more people but it is not true. The gospel message remains the same but they are merely adjusting the style of presentation to catch the attention of the generation which is very different from the previous one ... the generation which is constantly online and has access to all sorts of information and misinformation instantly ... the generation which has such a short attention span that it is vital for the gospel to be packaged in a way that can catch and hold their attention.

One of the ways to catch their attention is through music. Hillsong United is a good example of "preaching" the gospel in a manner that this new generation can relate to. Last month, New Creation Church organized a concert by Hillsong United which 5,000 youths attended and many went forward to receive Christ as their Lord and Saviour at the concert (Mal blogged about it here).

Pastor Prince said sometime ago that he decided to dress a little bit more casually (eg. no more ties) to appear more relevant to the youths ... no, he did not change the gospel message ... he only changed his wardrobe. Some people have used his dress style as a point of criticism against him (some mockingly label him "Korean-fashioned"), implying that this showed that he is not preaching the true gospel. They have mistaken the wrapping paper and the box for the gift.

If you have managed to read up to this point, I thank you for paying attention to what I have said. I know it is not easy to catch your attention ;-)


PJ said...

Thank you very much for adjusting the layout. Now I can see everything nicely on my 12" iBook. : )

Angela Ng

Stanley Wong said...

You are welcome, Angela :-) I'm asking Daddy God for a netbook so that I can see how my layout looks like in that size ;-)

Chinedu said...

It's much better now. tanx
I wonder why anyone would like to tie his neck!ha ha.
anyway, different strokes for different folks.

blogpastor said...

Layout looks good.