Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do You Agree With What This Preacher Is Saying?


YuanQi-Daily Blessings said...

wow its confusing...

Alan Hiu said...

He is talking to a group of intelligent audience (that what he is saying, he always speak to his intelligent audience)! The "Speaker" got everything upside down! Using 7 children could illustrate what is law and grace is an insult to our Saviour who hung on the Cross for six hours for that purpose!

He can't even fool our Sunday School children!

Romans 1:22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.

yaso said...

Technically the illustration is not wrong but what is wrong is doing away the law. For Jesus said He did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill (Mat 5:17). Once we are under Grace sin shall not have dominion over us (Rom 6:14). If we are led by the Spirit (under Grace), we are not under the law (Gal 5:18) If we are not under the law, there is no transgression (Rom 4:15). There is no need to do away the law. It is as simple as that.

The Logical Mouse said...

If sin does not exist, then law also cannot. eg. Thou shall not kill. If killing does not exist, then how can there be a law that says thou shall not kill ?
This is my opinion.

yaso said...

Dear Logical Mouse,
Sin does exist so is law but it has no dominion over you who are under grace. (Rom 6:14) However you'd fall from grace if you put yourself under the justification of the law be'cos you've made Christ of no effect unto you. (Gal 5:4)

You won't get this revelation if Christ has no effect on you. Likewise you'll get this revelation if law has no effect on you. Hear Him!

The Logical Mouse said...

Then something is wrong.

Once we are under Grace sin shall not have dominion over us (Rom 6:14).

But you still Sin ? Contradiction ?