Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fair Warning

Have you ever been warned by an acquaintance or a friend or a family member against associating with someone who is supposedly unsavoury or detrimental to your well-being? Isn't it natural for you to ask,"Why? What is wrong with that person?"? Would you be satisfied if the reply to you was "Don't ask. There's just something very wrong with that person." or "You should find out for yourself."?

Yesterday, I was reading an article by a friend (let's call him S) on Facebook, and in one of the comments, S was warned by another friend (let's call him, T) to be careful of Andrew Wommack Ministries because "when you really delve into his teachings..they are off" and T added that this is "just a warning that is all in love".

I have read Andrew Wommack's book "A Better Way To Pray" and listened to a few sermon series downloaded from his website, and so far I find his teachings biblically sound and consistent. Hence, I asked T which of and in what way Andrew Wommack's teachings are "off" but all I got was this non-reply: "That is the beauty of having God's Spirit as our teacher...He teaches us truth from error...go check out his home page and that should help you find all the answers you need my friend..."

Did T answer my question? I asked him for the basis of his claim that Andrew Wommack's teachings are "off" and he asked me to check it out myself. Let me say that I am really angry at this type of people who make accusations without backing them up with relevant evidence and arguments.

Many times, I have heard Christians who are not from NCC make claims that Pastor Prince's teachings are wrong but they do not or cannot pinpoint which portion of Pastor Prince's teachings are wrong and back up their claims with scripture and arguments. Often, they just make motherhood statements like "Be careful of NCC, their pastor preach a prosperity gospel" or "Pastor Prince encourages sin because he preach that we do not need the 10 commandments".

The irony is that many of these people have NOT heard Pastor Prince preach before or read his books. They based their impression on what they heard other people say about what Pastor Prince preached, and those other people also did not listen to Pastor Prince's sermons but heard from others.

It is perfectly fine for people to disagree with what preachers are preaching BUT it is only fair that they listen to their sermons for themselves and then decide for themselves instead of jumping to conclusions based on hearsay. If anyone wishes to publicly say that a certain preacher is wrong, then to be fair to that preacher, he should also publicly state his basis for that conclusion. It is not enough to say that it is "just a warning that is all in love" to a friend.

In John 9, we see that Jesus healed a man who was born blind and the Pharisees investigating this healing refused to accept the previously blind man's testimony that Jesus healed him. They even told the healed man that Jesus was not the one who healed him: "Give glory to God. We know this man is a sinner. We know that God spoke to Moses, but as for this fellow, we don't even know where he comes from." (John 9:24, 29)

All the Pharisees did was to hurl accusations at Jesus without backing up with any proof. Their statements were so shallow that even an unlearned person like the healed man can rebut them: "Now that is remarkable! You don't know where he comes from, yet he opened my eyes. We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly man who does his will. Nobody has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind. If this man were not from God, he could do nothing." (John 9: 30-33)

It seems that the likes of these Pharisees are still around today.


godwordistruth said...

Just comparing one tiny portion of Andrew Wommack's teachings and test it to what the Word of God actually teaches:

Andrew Wommack said:
"On the contrary, it is very comforting to know that God only has good things in store for me. Any problems in my life are from the devil, of my own making, or just the results of life on a fallen planet. My heavenly Father has never done me any harm and never will. I KNOW that."

"Likewise, I don't believe it blesses our heavenly Father for us to blame Him for all the problems that come into our lives. Sure, He will comfort us when we turn to Him in the midst of our problems, but He doesn't create the negative circumstances that hurt our lives."


The Word of God said:
1 Peter 4:11-19
"in order that in everything GOD MAY BE GLORIFIED through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.

But rejoice insofar as YOU SHARE CHRIST's SUFFERINGS, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed.

If you are INSULTED FOR THE NAME OF CHRIST, YOU ARE BLESSED, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.

But let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a meddler.

YET IF ANYONE SUFFERS AS A CHRISTIAN, let him not be ashamed, but LET him GLORIFY GOD IN THAT NAME. .... ....
Therefore let THOSE WHO SUFFER ACCORDING TO GOD's WILL entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.

The theology that Andrew Wommack is teaching (as seen here) is clearly not what the scriptures actually say.

Does one need to be careful about Andrew Wommack's teachings ?


Malcolm Loh said...

Thanks for bringing up that passage because that is exactly what is happening :-)

Who were the people who were persecuting Jesus and the apostles? It was none other than the religious folks of their day, not the common people.

Fast forward to today. These self-declared legalistic and religious policemen are still around, hurling insults at the likes of Andrew Wommack, Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince.

Aric said...

@godwordistruth: Great example. Let me offer one more that points toward gross misuse of scripture (I will not comment on his belief regarding sovereignty at this time). Wommack says, "Our tragedies are never the judgment or correction of God. Jesus came to give us abundant life. The devil came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Don't ever get that confused. If it's good, it's God. If it's bad, it's the devil." source:

Is John 10:10 talking about the devil? I think not. As a teacher, that is an egregious error.

@Malcolm: Really? Only ever persecuted by religious leaders? All the gentile churches receiving letters in the midst of persecution were only being persecuted by religious folks? I think you should revisit that.

The Logical Mouse said...

The problem with NCC is in the imbalance preaching.

You want to make a cake and you use 10 bowls of sugar and 1 spoon of flour. Do you get a cake ? Well, certainly very sweet to tempt people.

There is an over emphasis on certain things in the bible, eg prosperity. Why emphasize on Prosperity in the first place. Do people becomes Christians just to get blessings ?

Some of the NCC people I come across always has this word blessing on your mind and sometimes you hear them blessing, blessing, blessing on their lips as well. Not much different from our parents' or grand parents' time, the 拜神婆. There is a greed for blessings. Is that what God wants ?

Stephanie said...

Jesus said our part as his disciple is to BELIEVE. Not to fight and not to criticize.

If you believe no prosperity and no blessing from Abba Father, so be it. Amen!

If you believe in a God that likes to punish you to teach you to learn more about him, so be it! Amen!

If you believe in a Good God that loves to bless his children who walk closely to him and who believe Jesus done a completed job at the cross for you and you are now the Righteousness of God in Christ! So be it! Amen!

Lord in the bible said that you will receive what you say you will believe. So, do not fight. Believe in what you believe and confess and let it be so to your life. Amen Amen!

The Logical Mouse said...


Can I say "Believe what you believe" is the start of false preaching ?

Stephanie said...

Hi The Logical Mouse,

Have you sit under Pastor Prince teaching before and ask Lord to talk to you?

For me, the false preaching you referred to, helped me take away 3 yrs of darkness attack, change my mental health, straighten my sexual related problem and greatly bless me peaceful life.

My answer to you is like the priest asking the blind man healed by Jesus. I dunno if he sinner or not...but my eyes now can see...

If what you claimed as false I choose to believe and get greatly blessed.

My brother-in-law shop was making lost for 2 yrs and almost going to close down. Upon accept Christ in NCC and believe in the Gospel and get blessed that now the shop business is good even in this bad financial climate.

If you choose to think it false teaching, so be it. I rather believe and let Abba father takes good care of me.

FYI, when I came to Lord 3 yrs ago, I was almost at the edge of getting haywire. Husband said I don't understand him that I was so afraid I could not understand what Lord was trying to tell me that I prayed He manifest His wisdom and understanding in me for me to understand him.

On wrong understanding, Lord knocked my head when Pastor Prince talked about the area I believed wrongly. Lord teaching that way initially.

If you think it is false teaching, Lord said I am now fully dwell in him, He n me now 3 in 1, fully combined. Lord is a real lovely God that comforts when I am sad and joke with me and sis too.

If all that is false to you, well, up to you, I rather enjoy his warm bath of love than argue with you what to believe or not to believe.

Jesus is coming soon, let him show you if NCC is preaching false Gospel.

If you go NCC facebook and see around the world how many people when they heard about the Gospel and their life is transformed.

If all that is false, I wonder how much have you change since you accepted Christ. Lord Jesus come to earth as a Saviour. So, have you let Him save you in your daily life trials?

The Peace I now have is not what the world give. It's a peace of heart and mind. Something I won't want to let go.

If this is false to you, so be it.


The Blue Jumpsuit Apparatus said...

Hi Aric

I don't know what version of the Bible you read, but the Bible that I have makes it very clear that it was the religious folks who were persecuting believers.

Paul was one of them before his encounter with Jesus.

I have listed examples of how Paul went first to the synagogues and then to the gentiles in the following post. Perhaps you should spend more time checking the scriptures for yourself :-)

Aric said...

Um, I never said religious people didn't persecute. Just that it was not ONLY religious people. My time in the word is just fine, but thank you for your concern.

The Logical Mouse said...


Nowadays, many atheist persecute religious people.

The Logical Mouse said...


Are you saying that by selectively believing part of the bible would never lead to false preaching ?

As for blessing from God. Are you telling me that none of the people who lost money in minibond are Christians ? No Christian's business would ever wind up ? No Christians would ever meet with an accident ?

How can you use a few cases as proof ? Isn't it superstitious.

The fact is I see many Christian are struggling in their work life and family life. But still bless lah, ok lah.

So you keep believing what you only want to belief but don't say that selective belief would not lead to false preaching.

The Logical Mouse said...


If the blessings did not happen, would you still believe in God ?


Hi Logical Mouse,

That's why it's important to know your rights as a child of God. That is what NCC is teaching.

If you do not know your rights as a child of God, you will 'gladly' accept adversary attack! What you quoted are adversary attack.

By thinking that is "God's punishments" or "God's teaching of Holiness" you won't be praying effective prayer to cast out the attacks!

When sickness coming on me, I manifest Lord's hand in it to bind out the satan from the sickness and I am not sick.

I lost money in stock market too, but I trust Lord that whatever the locust had stolen, Lord will surely restore me.

Always have good opinion of God.

Example, when I was a less then a yr old Christian, I had a lump on the neck that ENT doc said had abnormal big cells and have 3 others. Probably lymph node cancer or nose cancer.

But, I heard a voice telling me, 'My child, I will heal you' when I walked out the clinic, I glorify Jesus telling him that I will not die bec Jesus had done a perfect work for me. I shall live as Lord you will greatly use me!

Within 2 weeks, my lumps were all gone. But, Christian doc could not believe that Lord healed me from lymph cancer as he said this cancer hard to heal. Lord prevent me from having cancer even my family tree have uncle and cousin died of cancer. But an uncle, who is a Christian, Lord healed him.

In the bible, Lord said my people died of lack of knowledge. So, whoever you quoted, yes, there might have christian who were attacked. But I know those who is of faith is saved.

In the bible, even during Jesus time, only those looking onto Jesus was healed. Even thou a lot wanted him to heal them. Without faith, there is no way He could heal them all.

So, I won't be surprise on those you quoted.

The bible said only those who are of faith are son of Abraham. It didn't say all Christian are sons of Abraham. Only those who are of faith, receive the promise that come thru the seed of Abraham, Jesus.

A drowning man won't be saying 'if someone is saving me?' or 'I know someone will save me'. He would be intensely seeking help. This is the faith Lord is looking for. Looking onto Him is an intensely believing in His words of Christ for deliverance.

Lord has been blessing me since I was a young christian. I know He is a Good God. He promised that I only need to seek his kingdom and his Righteousness. and He will look after all I need in this world. That's what I believe and what I receive.

Lord promise His words will not return void. It works for me!

If Jesus can't save, then he is no more a Saviour. But I know my Jesus is still alive and is still rescuing me daily. Glory Glory!

Amen Amen!


Hi Logical Mouse,

NCC did not selective teaching. We learn from New testament and the Old Testament. It's with the opened eyes, then when I read the whole bible, I could see God is Good. Even in the old testament, He left unwillingly when the children of Israel looked to other 'god'. When God left, protection over Israel gone and adversary attacked.

When the Israeli in great suffering and cry for God help, he always rush back to help them.

With NCC teaching, the bible is so easy to read and understand. Actually, some of the verses quoted by others here is a misunderstanding by the one who quoted. Just that I know they wun listen, so I am not explaining to them. Lord wants me to open your eyes. That's why I am here leading you.

This is what Lord said of you in my meditation:

Lord: ' My beloved, abba wants logical mouse to realise of my Grace. He is full of jest for me, just that he refused to believe I am that good.'

You can go to my blog and read from the beginning to current. You will see I grow from glory to glory. From darkness to light.

Adversary can attack, but I manifest Lord' hand over my family and home and plea the blood of Jesus over my home and my family. Lord is faithful in protecting.

If you read my blog, you will see the trial I had gone thru, but I cast all my pains and anger to Lord's nail pierced hand and He faithfully removed all and gives me He shalom peace.

He is faithful when I put my trust in Him. The bible comes alive for me. If you didn't experience any, maybe you should ask yourself where have you fallen from Grace.

Lord blessing is always coming for the area of needs. But, did you squeeze your blessing pipes that what you need isn't coming thru? NCC taught how not to block our blessing pipes too.

I believe and walk in it and blessing come thru fine. Glory to Lord Jesus! Amen Amen!

The Logical Mouse said...


Please remember what you wrote today. Cause 风水轮流转. You will dismiss it now, that's OK. But just remember that.

By the way, what you said also applies to other people in other religions. I know people who became real rich after taking on a religion other than Christianity. And there are many, many more cases of that and in many aspects of their lives. In my religion, we know that it may not be the one being worshiped that is blessing the person. If a person pray to Guan Yin for wealth. Guan Yin will not fulfil that. Instead, the daemon will take advantage of that and "bless" the person. When the daemon needs the person for some purpose, he will be able to manipulate the person. If there is an desire in a worship, chances are that it's the dark side that blessing the person. I won't force you to believe this. But just let you know that.

And you have not answered me. Would you become a Christian if you were not Blessed ?

Finally, from what I read. I would classify you into the category of 拜神婆. Worshiping for Blessings.

Forgive me. I'm just that direct.

The Logical Mouse said...


I think there is a mix up.

NCC - Imbalance Preaching. Preach too much Blessings.

Selective Preaching => False Preachers. Was not referring to NCC.


Haha...Logical Mouse, the one I worship is Jesus and Jesus only. Blessing is the fruits of righteousness.

If you know why I accepted Christ, you would know why.

6 yrs ago, it was the start of my atacck by devil himself. I saw him in a black hood suit floating across my old rented apartment. That was my 1st encounter over the next 3 yrs.

I was a free thinker. But parents worship kuan yin. I tied chinese temple, ji kong, thai temple, Lama and even fengshui and nantok, malay god. All could not help me to get peace. Those offering of food and burning of incense paper only resulted in 1 day of unreal peace.

I was wondering why I so bad luck. Of all people, come and disturb me and prevented me from falling into deep sleep for 3 yrs. I was shaken up every time I was falling from light sleep into deep sleep.

As I wondered what other God can help me, the name Jesus come into my mind. I didn't know how to get Jesus help. Only know there is bible. My girl's kiddy principal blessed me one and I could get 2 months of peace from placing that bible next to my head.

After that the not peace come again, so I thought I must read the bible. I thought the principal walked so close with God and the bible has power. With me for 2 months the power gone.

So I thought I must read it. As I dislike reading book, I told God to give me a website to surf and read instead. Holy Spirit of my ex-client cum friend told my friend to msn me NCC site. He led me to NCC.

From there, I learned that in the name of Jesus, devil must depart. As each week I learnt, I spoke what I learnt to the devil. I got many mini victory and finally 3 months down the route, I was fully delivered.

So, I came to Christ out of desperation and in need of a Saviour. I found him. I had to grab all the teaching and Jesus tightly then. Lord ever clear away the fear I had developed over the 3 yrs of attack.

So, there is no way I could encounter if God din bless me, would I become Christian.

I was in need of a Saviour and I found him. All thanks to the devil, he chasing me behind made me to hold on to Jesus and believe in Him and get delivered by Him, that the whole 3 yrs of walk, I walk from the natural to now in the spiritual realm. With now Lord leading me daily, I know He is real.

You could classify that as devil, I could only see that you still dunno who is God and who is devil.

How are you going to get your deliverance when you still confuse who is God and who is devil!

Abba father, by the Grace of Lord Jesus, I pray on behalf of Logical Mouse. May you open the eyes of his mind and his heart to see the Grace and Mercy of You. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen!

The Logical Mouse said...


The things you say about how you come to Jesus ? It happens to other religions also. So ?

It's good to be a Christian. I fully agree with that. BUT for the right reasons.

I see that inside you, you greed for blessings. You think it's God working. Well, I think it's the daemon working.

Please don't pray for me. I don't want to be associate with the daemon.


Btw NCC teaching is not imbalance.

Law is Holy, it is so high and mighty that we could not fulfill. Jesus came to earth and walked a righteous life for us to fulfill the requirement of the law for us, so that we could receive the fruits of the Righteousness in Christ.

We, who cannot walk the 10 commandments, the penalty is death. Jesus went to the cross for us to die our death that now, we need not die and go hell but could exit from earth and go heaven. Glory Glory!

So, no more law to fulfill. Now the new law to be lead by Holy Spirit is the Law of Love. Now that we know God loves us so much that he gave us His begotten son, Jesus.

Thru Jesus, the veil that is between God and us are cleared. We could now approach God thru Jesus. Glory Glory! Amen Amen!

STEPHANIE said..., guess you don't want a peaceful life that Jesus said He come to bestow upon us. Okay! Since you don't want, so be it. Amen

The Logical Mouse said...

When I say imbalance, I didn't mean preaching Grace and left out Law. I mean overemphasis on Blessing.

I give you an advice. Try not to convert people. I think you repel them away.

May God Bless you in the right direction.


blessing is not about monetary blessing only. It's about peace, health and of course wealth. If without wealth, how are we going to help those that need help?

Too bad Jesus likes to bless wealth too. When Peter fish whole night nothing, Jesus used his boat and bless him with net breaking, boat sinking lots of fishes. Isn't this is wealth blessing?

The 5 loaves and 2 fish, that blessed 5000 men and their families, they eat till they are full. This is about making sure we have abundance so that we have enough.

If the above you classify as from the devil. I only can conclude you don't who is God and who is devil.