Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Bit Of Faith

I just came home from Jeffrey's brother's home where we watched the Liverpool vs Manchester United match together. Jeffrey is a ManU fan while I have supported Liverpool since the days of Kevin Keegan but both of us had a great time (mine was greater though, more about that later) eating chips and drinking coke; we even had "jiu he eng chye" ie. cuttlefish with kangkong specially prepared by Jeff's brother during half-time.

Prior to the match, the media and football fans alike have written off Liverpool's chances of winning this game as they have been playing poorly lately and lost their last four matches; moreover, Liverpool's inspirational captain, Steven Gerrard won't be playing due to an injury. This was a must-win game for Liverpool as a loss would put them 10 points behind ManU with 1/4 of the season gone while a win would close the gap to only 4 points.

Like a lot of Liverpool fans lately, I have been slowly losing faith in this team, and losing hope that they will finally win the league title after 20 looooooong years even though there's still 3/4 of the season left. However, contrary to popular opinion, I somehow had this sneaky feeling that Liverpool would prove everybody wrong because they have this annoying habit of losing when everybody expects them to win but winning when everybody expects them to lose.

Anyway, I decided to place whatever little bit of faith I had left in them with Singapore Pools - a $5 minimum bet on Liverpool beating ManU 2-0. Singapore Pools also had very little faith in Liverpool - they offered a 18x return (ie. $90) on my $5. I also decided to wear a special T-shirt to watch the match ;-) (see pics below).

For the record, Liverpool beat ManU 2-0, scoring in the 65th minute and the very last minute of the match. Liverpool's goalkeeper ran the full length of the pitch to celebrate Liverpool's second goal while I too was jumping up and down celebrating because that meant that ManU had no time to draw the match, let alone win it (and also because my bet paid off lah ;-)).

You must be wondering: "what does this match have to do with Christianity?" Nothing, actually. I just wanted to post this to share my joy of seeing my favourite team beat our arch-rivals and rekindle hopes of winning the league title.

Well, if you must insist on a moral to this story, it is "Don't lose hope. You only need faith the size of a mustard seed to see your miracle."; and of course, "You'll Never Walk Alone" :-)


peter said...

I love your story.

I think that is a miracle! No less.

So the title should change from "little faith" to "Its a Miracle!"

Dont you think so?!

Silk said...

As a fellow Liverpool fan, I'm going to give this a +100 rating.

Daughter Of Sarah said...


Ok lah. I might be a Man-U fan, but I agree it was a miracle.