Sunday, November 15, 2009

1st Anniversary of TLC

Exactly one year ago, I started writing this blog because I was frustrated that my voice was being drowned out by others when I commented on other blogs to rebut what I felt were wrong teachings or interpretation of scripture verses. I decided to have my own say and let others comment on what I have to say instead.

My concern is mainly for fellow Christians whose Christian walk is suffering because of the erroneous things they are hearing in church. Many of these things may sound reasonable at the first hearing but when you dig deeper, contradictions surface; you discover that these teachings are illogical when you compare them with scripture and that is why I named my blog, "The Logical Christian".

For a little while, my blog was bombarded by attacks from anonymous bloggers especially after I wrote a few articles to support Pastor Prince when the news media broke the story on his annual income. I tried to act smart and retorted with sarcastic barbs and veiled insults but thank God for the Holy Spirit and a good friend to remind me that all this came from my ego, and that I should not be doing this. A valuable lesson in humility was learned and I believe my blog is the better for it.

Through commenting on Mal's and other blogs, and later writing my own blog, I have also "met" quite a few brothers and sisters-in-grace in cyberspace and also in person, which evolved into Grace United. The one who started the ball rolling was Jeffrey, who appeared out of the blue at my stall one day and asked me the question which I subsequently would encounter many more times: "Are you Stanley?"

I was surprised one afternoon by a visit at my stall by Blogpastor, together with his preacher friend, Monte Lee Rice, and we spent a wonderful hour(s?) chatting about the gospel. I am also especially touched that someone all the way from Kuala Lumpur squeezed a visit at my stall into his itinerary on his 2-day family holiday in Singapore even though he knew me only through my blog. Thank you, Peter Sze :-)

I hope you all have been blessed by my articles, just as I myself have also been blessed even as I write. Thank you all for supporting my effort for the past year, especially those of you in Grace United, and I hope to continue writing for many more years to come.

To celebrate the first anniversary of this blog, I have given it an extreme makeover. How do you like it?


Kat said...

Love the makeover of your blog, Stan. Congrats on the first anniversary of TLC...The Logical Christian...TLC also acronym of tender loving care...:) Abundance of anointing, grace and blessings be upon you as you continue to share and minister to all who read your posts.

Angie said...

Amen Kat! :)

Love the new look! Clean & neat. Keep blogging on the Good News of Christ even as you continue to grow in greater relevation of Him.

Stanley Wong said...

Thanks, sistas :-)

Liu said...

Yo Bro

Honest, I tot you'd been blogging for ages!

Admire your strength and peserverence ... I cannot last more than 2 weeks ... reason why I never ever thot of starting a blog ... the idea of maintaining and keeping the flow drowns me liao ... oso got this tendency to over-do ... then xiao liao, affects work, nah nah ...

congratulations on your 1st anniversary, enjoyed reading your blog, and will continue to ride on ...

Shalom Shalom

Stanley Wong said...

Thanks William :-) I just go with the flow ;-)