Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3 Christmas Wishes

Last Sunday, towards the end of New Creation Church's Christmas celebration service at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, in his usual tradition, Pastor Prince asked us to think of three wishes to ask God to fulfill for us in the coming year, and he would pray over us at the end of the service.

I have actually forgotten about this tradition and also forgotten about my 3 Christmas wishes last year.  As I was thinking about what wishes to present to God, my heart was not really hopeful because I recalled that one of my wishes for this year was to become debt-free but it has not happened. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me about another wish of mine: that my three sons will do well in their studies and be among the top ten in their class (their results have always been average and my two elder sons were usually positioned in the lower half of the class).

Well, my second son was first in his Secondary One class and fifth overall in his standard this year.  While I was very happy when my wife told me his result, I had forgotten that this was one of my Christmas wishes last year and I did not thank God for fulfilling that wish.  I only remembered that my wish to be debt-free was not fulfilled.

This is how we are usually, isn't it? We are not thankful for and take for granted what we have received; we are preoccupied with what we haven't got, and moan and gripe about God not answering our prayers.  Thank God for reminding me that He did and does fulfill my Christmas wishes, maybe not all at once but He has given me the faith to believe that He will bring them to pass, sooner or later, in His time.

With that little grain of faith, I made my 3 Christmas wishes last Sunday. Make yours today, it's still not too late, Christmas is still two days away ;-)

My 3 wishes:
1. I will be debt-free and overflow with abundance.
2. My 3 sons will be top ten in class and the youngest will score more than 200 in his PSLE
3. My in-laws will come to know and accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


cybeRanger said...

Why do we celebrate December 25th as the birthday of Christ when so many churches know it’s not His birthday?
"Tradition" again?

Liu said...

It's probably the time He was conceived, the arrival of the promised Seed. The Hope arrived.

Besides, Jesus gets glorified, His Name, His story is mentioned throughout the world as the reason why CHRISTmas is celebrated globally.

Believers are reminded of their Saviour, His act of love.

The Name of Jesus, our Saviour, is made known openly to unbelievers, and seeds are sowed. And when all things fail, that they may be prompted to seek Who our Jesus is.

Blessed CHRISTmas, Amen.

Shalom Shalom
William Liu

cybeRanger said...

Don't be deceived.. Santa Claus is glorified instead.

How would you feel if I simply pick one day and make it your birthday?

cybeRanger said...

Hope you find this article useful

Liu said...

Do you have statistics to prove santa gets more glory than my Lord Jesus Christ? If not, please reframe from making such sweeping statement. As for me & my house, we don't give a d of santa and his deers ...

Anyway since you are kind of upset over the santa thingy, instead of sulking over it, why not blog, evangelise, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the reason why He is real and santa is fake?

Honestly I dunno why you ask the first question. You see a problem, share with us your solution, and not ask another question and point us to a non-edifying article, which webpage has a halloween pumpkim picture on it (this webpage is obviously questionable!).

Yes, the webpage ends with God bless you.

BUT not everyone who says, "God bless you" believes in Jesus Christ.

I share with you 2 encounters why "God bless you" has became a cliche ...

1) Went to a performance. At the end of the performance, the emcee said,"Goodnight, and God bless you." We know the emcee, and my son asked her innocently, "Are you a Christian?" in which her answer was, "No".

2) A man came to me to sell 2 items. 1 is a book written by his church pastor about divine health. The 2nd item are 2 secular CDs by some pop stars. This man said he is suffering from some ailment and needed $, and hard sell these items. He knows that I am a believer and he constantly said,"God bless you. God bless you." in hope that I would buy from him because I have to give face to God! I browse through the book about divine health but discovered that the author's emphasis was confession of our sins for good health. This doctrine is not what I believe or agree, and why in the first place is this man selling this book and yet claim he is ill? Shouldn't he get himself healed, stay divinely healthy, and get a proper job instead of selling the book to others so others can have divine health while he continues to be sick? I stopped buying pop songs for years, prefer to invest my $ in praise & worship CDs. So I politely declined his offer. That was when he showed his true colours. He changed his statement from "God bless you" immediately to "You got a wicked heart ah" repeatedly. I was not angry. I was just saddened by how believers or unbelievers can misrepresent our Lord Jesus Christ. At one moment was "God bless you", the next moment you do not oblige or agree to their request, they change and start cursing you. It's like some non-tactful street evangelists who goes around saying, "Believe, repent or burn in hell!"

These days, "God bless you" to me is but a cliche. If someone says to me, I say "Amen", yes God certainly blesses me, but I know that fellow may not really be a born again believer.

Merry CHRISTmas.

Shalom Shalom
William Liu

cybeRanger said...

Since when did I say "Santa gets more glory"?

At the end of the day, it's your choice to follow the tradition of men or "The Way, The Truth and The Life".

Rejoice in the Lord, always!

Stanley Wong said...

Hi cybeRanger,
You said 'Since when did I say "Santa gets more glory"?' ... to be fair, I also got the impression that this was what you meant when you replied to William Liu's comment - he said,"Besides, Jesus gets glorified, His Name, His story is mentioned throughout the world as the reason why CHRISTmas is celebrated globally" and you replied with "Don't be deceived.. Santa Claus is glorified instead."

Yes, it's true that Santa Claus does get a lot of mention during Christmas BUT CHRIST does get more focus from the world during Christmas compared to any other time during the year.

I remember Pastor Prince preaching that Christ was born probably sometime in September based on calculations according to the dates of the Jewish feasts but he did also say he doesn't mind on which exact date Christmas is celebrated so long as it is celebrated because it is during Christmas when Christ gets the attention of the whole world.

I recall that NCC collaborated with Mediacorp a few years ago to produce a Christmas TV special featuring the cast of Phua Chu Kang. While there were some commercial elements in the show, the name of Jesus was also glorified in the songs sung by NCC's worship team. I remember vividly one song which Angie sang, and the chorus starts with "Happy Birthday, Jesus". How often do you hear the name of Jesus uttered (reverently, not as a swear word) on national TV?

At the end of the day, even if/though Dec 25 is just the traditional date set by men, I think that it does not really matter so long as we Christians make use of this date (opportunity) to glorify Christ Jesus to the whole world.

cybeRanger said...

Indeed, this reminds me of Romans 8:28.

Thanks for sharing your precious views. May the Lord use you mightily for His glory in 2010.


blogpastor said...

Happy Christmas. I was there this morning for breakfast but your store wasn't opened yet. Blessings. And may this year be the year you lend.

The Logical Mouse said...


I read this from the NCC website, under Testimonies - Financial.

I think you should apply some anointing oil to the 4 corners of your stall. Your business will surely improve.

To be out of debt, you should apply some anointing oil to the 4 corners of your wallet and bank book.

From the NCC website:

Flat Sold At A Record High Price

My wife and I had wanted to sell our HDB executive apartment (EA) and upgrade to a private property since early 2008, but were unable to do so. Towards the end of 2008, the resale prices for HDB flats reached a record high.

However, in the first quarter of 2009, the resale prices for HDB flats started to dip because of the financial crisis. There were a lot of negative reports in the newspapers about the falling demand for flats (especially the bigger units), and many flat owners had had to sell their homes below valuation. When my wife and I finally decided to sell our flat, it was already April 2009 and resale prices had gone down further.

But we remembered that Pastor Prince had told the church that 2009 is the acceptable year of the Lord where His free favours will profusely abound in our lives. We chose to believe in the favour of God rather than in the circumstances because we are in this world, but not of the world. Then, I requested for a HDB valuation of our flat.

On the day of the valuation, I applied the anointing oil on the four corners of our home before the valuator came. We received a relatively high property valuation compared with others in our area. Praise the Lord!

While looking for a new home, we got to know a property agent. He was a fresh graduate with no experience, but we engaged him to sell our flat and decided to put our trust in God’s grace and favour.

I applied the anointing oil and partook of the Holy Communion whenever we had a viewing. Our flat was sold within a week, after just one newspaper ad placement and three viewings by interested parties. The buyers loved our flat so much that they were willing to pay $15,000 above the valuation price — our flat was sold at a record price for an EA in our area!

I remember buying the flat during the economic downturn in 2003. At that time, it was one of the lowest priced EAs available! We bought the flat at a low price and sold it at a high price. Praise the Lord!

Gaston Chia

Stanley Wong said...

Hi blogpastor,
Merry Christmas n Blessed New Year :-)

cybeRanger said...

Check it out..

Stanley Wong said...

Thanks cybeRanger!
It's a great honour and great encouragement to me :-)