Thursday, December 31, 2009

God Is Preparing Something Good For Me (and you) In 2010

In the last Sunday service of 2008, Pastor Prince said that God's message for NCC for 2009 was that it would be the dektos year of the Lord, a year when His salvation and free favours profusely abound on us (I blogged about this here).

Last Sunday, the last Sunday service of 2009, before Pastor Prince came out to preach, a video was shown chronicling the dektos year of NCC eg. average attendance increased by 10% to 19,000 and over 3,000 salvations received.  Excerpts of some members' testimonies of healing, career and financial breakthroughs were also highlighted.

As I sat there watching the video, I was thankful that God greatly blessed NCC's ministry and broke through for those NCC members whose testimonies were highlighted but I couldn't help feeling a touch of envy; I was thinking "What about me, Lord?" Yes, I did receive some favours for which I am grateful eg. my sisters and mum helped sponsor two trips to Bangkok for my family, and my wife's brother recently gave us two LCD TVs but the major financial breakthrough I was hoping for has not materialized yet and my ex-landlord "opened" another dessert stall again after the last one went bust.

After the video, Pastor Prince stepped out to preach and he opened his sermon by saying that he especially want to address those of us who felt left out of God's 2008 promise. I immediately perked up and listened intently. He said that generally we know how to thank God when we see ourselves being rescued from disasters or bad events or when we receive good things and we thus see ourselves having received favour from God.  However, we are not conscious of the bad things which God prevented from happening to us; this is also God's favour.

Pastor Prince also showed us from the story of Jacob that even though we may see that nothing seems to be happening or maybe things look bad, we should trust God that He is doing His work, preparing something good for us which will manifest in due time. Jacob, for over 10 years, thought that his favoured son, Joseph, was dead but all this while, while Jacob was mourning the loss of Joseph, God was using Joseph in Egypt to prepare the blessings for Jacob in his time of greatest need, a time of famine.

I am thankful that Pastor Prince was sensitive to the prompting of the Lord and preached a rhema word to me.  I needed that assurance from the Lord, to be reminded once again that while we are many, Daddy God remembers each and every single one of us. I trust that He is preparing something good for me (and you) in 2010.

Happy 2010!    

11 comments: said...

Hey Stanley,

I feel the same way. I'm glad Pastor Prince addressed those who asked that question. In some important areas of my life, 2009 was one of my worst years ever, but I know that's not the end of the story! We have to look forward in faith because God is a good God! Cheers :)

yaso said...

Hi Stanley,

I believe 2010 is the year we have been waiting for. A total debt free year with prefect health and plenty of time and money to share with Him, our family and everyone else.

Your story sounded just like mine, but in 08 instead. My lovely sis blessed my family with a Macau trip and myself to Sydney Hillsong Conference. And later my Mum blessed us two new LCD TVs too. Some more... my daughter received a brand new car (fully paid) on her 18 birthday but we were still broke.

But my 2009 was like what stillhaventfound said... the worst years ever. I lost so many projects (I'm web designer) and we were in serious financial famine. Nevertheless the Lord still see us through. One thing I have learnt in 09 was never to turn down a good favor from God. This time my loving sister wanted to sponsor my whole family to Hillsong Conference but I thought it was too much for her to spend and also Pastor Prince wasn't there so we didn't go. You see how stupid I was.

Now 2010 is not like 2009. It is the best year that we ever have and it shall be so because our hope in Him never fail. So it shall a year of total debt free, perfect health, joy and peace with plenty of money for you and your family. Amen. Happy New Year 2010.

Stanley Wong said...

Hi shf & yaso,
Yes and amen to a wonder full 2010 for all of us, the beloved of the Lord! :-)

dazza533 said...

Hi Stanley,

I share your feelings about 2009. It was a tough year and all the way to yesterday, it was tough! But in the last few days, the Lord has rekindled the fire in me to dig into the deeper things of the Spirit in the midst of these challenges. For example, I have a company that I helped start that was into mining in Indonesia, but the Indonesian fellow in charge of looking for projects there was inexperienced, as was I, and the money given by the investors was not well spent. He begged me to release him from the burden of being accountable to the investors and I took pity on him and did so. Which of course left me solely accountable in the natural sense. At this point, I am into my third year of finding an acceptable exit for the investors and the burden was getting quite heavy in the last few days of 2009 as I received a letter from our corporate watchdog. It was not a well-received letter by me especially during this holiday period. But what that's done is to spur me on to labouring into God's rest even more. I am also resolving to wait on Him in my financial decisions as it's been my impetuous nature that's got me into trouble before. I need wisdom and I've asked for it for 2010. This coming year will be a year of his provision in Christ Jesus! I will yet see the glory of the Lord in the area of my work.

Stephanie said...

Blessed 2010!

If you come to end of self, then cast your problems to Lord's Mighty nail pierced hand. Submit to Him that only He and He alone could handle your problem.

Like Ruth, stay still, let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid. And see what the Grace and Mercy can do for you.

At the meantime, proclaim you are the Righteousness of God in Christ, you are the child of the God Most High, you are the son of Abraham and you have the blessing of Abraham. Claim the promise Lord promise to Abraham and his descendents.

Stanley Wong said...

Hi dazza533,
I understand how you feel; I know it is not easy to let our hearts not be troubled when we are facing these immediate pressures, I think that's why the bible says we have to LABOUR to enter His rest.

Let us labour together in 2010. Let us hope in the Lord, and let us receive His wisdom in 2010. Amen!

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for your advice :-) Blessed Happy New Year!

Liu said...

Hi Bros & Sis

Take heart, you are not alone.

We all have our fair share of struggles, and wonders why and when will we come out of it.

We all hope, in a day, like a flash, we are out of the pit ... I know it's possible with God, but only He knows best whether that's the best way for us.

Like what Joel Osteen shared in his book, he mentioned that God has started a good work in us, and He will surely see to the completion ... BUT we must not quit on God, Amen.

Me & my wife drove 5.5 hrs all the way from smoky Genting to the Rock's 4th service just for God's words for the year -- Restful increase! Amen. So be it! We told ourselves, must plan not to miss God's words for the year! So let us brace up and labour to enter into His rest, Amen. Trust Him, have faith, for it is written that without faith it is impossible to please God, .... for He is a rewarder to those who earnestly seek Him. Amen!

Just to share:
Me & my wife have been reading different books by different author (men & women of God) and different books of the bible, but over the last few weeks, we discovered that God has been talking to us on some similar subjects. We discovered this when we started sharing, and realised that God's been talking to her what I have been reading and vice versa! It's amazing.

We encourage each other now to:
1) Reduce our complains to zero, even when things seem unfair. Instead be generous with our comments and compliments. This can be easily tested at restaurants and food courts and cinemas we patronise. We discovered during this trip that when we do so, things would miraculuosly turn out in our favour. Of course, it's God lah. I am learning from Joel Osteen, which God spoke to my wife separately, that God is our vindicator. We let go, He fights for us. We just praise Him. Don't try to fight ourselves, cos when we do, God is not involved!

2) To praise Him whenever possible. Hallelujah is so simple and powerful! Just say it anytime during the day. Praise Him whether things are going your ways or not. Things will happen, it's either our bad choice or it's something beyond our control. But we can choose to face it with God or face it alone. So we chose to praise God, and have God face the situation with us.

I encourage you to do so for 2010 and see Him in your life. We are doing so, and will continue to press on. We believe He has started a good work in us, and will see to our completion. Just like Pastor Prince mentioned today, Jesus is in your boat, rest with Him, knowing that the boat WILL NOT sink! Amen.

We are waiting for our own miracles, and will surely testify when it happens, to the glory of God, for the encouragement of fellow believers, Amen.

Shalom Shalom
William Liu

Stanley Wong said...

Hi William,
I'm greatly blessed by your encouraging words, and will follow your advice too. Amen amen!

dazza533 said...

Just an update to my situation. I shared my issues with a brother in Christ and he asked me something quite significant : Do you believe that God can and will turn around your mistakes?

When I said "yes" tears welled up in my eyes. I realised that God loved me and it truly touched my heart.

I asked my accountant about this situation from my corporate watchdog. And my accountant said that he had already sorted it out during the holidays! He had not sought my permission to go ahead but he felt that there was not much time so he took the initiative. Well Praise God for him! God is a good God and he loves us. I can't wait for my other issue to be sorted.

Stanley Wong said...

Hi dazza533,
Praise the Lord! I believe together with you that God will turn around our mistakes and we will surely see them sorted out one by one. Amen!