Monday, January 18, 2010

Anne Rice's Interview (Not With A Vampire)

The interview starts after the 26min mark ...


tilted said...

oh, i wasn't expecting to see pat robertson. it's difficult to watch him with an unbias eye after so much bad pubilcity about him, the latest being the insenstive remark about haiti and their pact with the devil. i don't have a good impression of US christian networks. many of their televangelist makes me cringe.

Joshen said...

Its been a few days since he made that remark, surely enough time has passed for us to move on and forgive this man his mistake.

The best thing to do for Mr Robertson is to pray for him, and let him experience all over again the love of Jesus, since that was probably the hidden cause of that remark in the first place..

God still loves this man because of what Jesus has done for him and it is especially now that he has done something wrong, that Grace is needed. Amen?