Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Cheerleading Ministry

As you guys have noticed, I haven't been writing for quite a while now. I have been feeling a bit down because of some challenges and tired out from all the firefighting, I simply did not have the energy nor inspiration to write.

However, thank God that while I was running on empty, my dear sister-in-grace, Geri, was overflowing with God's timely Word and put out many notes filled with words that inspire and stir up the spirit. I was particularly inspired by her note entitled "Hear Only The Good Stuff" in which she said "Being in grace doesn’t mean that we no longer face any trouble. Many believers are stumbled becoz they dun expect any more testing. Remember we are esp hated by the enemy and so he will shake things around us - circumstances beyond our control. But the key is to always hold on to this truth- nothing is beyond our Daddy God’s control.  Although we still go through trials today, we have come to stand on the Word instead of what we feel, hear, or experience. That is the difference."

I remember during my army days, when we were doing our 2.4km run (for the Individual Physical Proficiency Test or IPPT) , many of us felt like giving up two-thirds into the run because that is usually the time when our legs start to feel rubbery and our mouths can't seem to suck in enough air. Just when we were on the verge of giving up and starting to walk instead of run, our fitter buddies who had finished the race before us would track back and run beside us, pacing us, urging us, encouraging us to carry on running: "Come on, don't stop running! Just a bit more, you can see the finish line already!" "Final burst! Come on! You can make it! Run, run, run!"

Oh, how we needed those words of encouragement! In fact, many times we see those who moments ago were wobbling and fighting for breath, suddenly summon up extra strength from don't know where and sprint across the finish line. There were quite a few times when I managed to pass my test by a few seconds because of that final burst of energy ;-)

Similarly, in our faith race, there will be times when some of us will be feeling wobbly and struggling for breath, thank God that there are cheerleaders like Geri (minus poms poms ;-)) who boost up our energy levels and help us to keep on running.

P.S. Thanks Geri! I'm back ;-) 

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