Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is Victory Achieved Or Received? (3)

Those of you familiar with the chain of events in my "tussle" with my ex-landlord will know that he rented out his stall to another dessert seller (who incidentally is his relative who had no prior experience) in order to intercept business from my stall which is situated only two units away.

If you can recall, in my 18 Aug 2009 post "Is Victory Achieved Or Received? (1)", I reported that the other dessert stall closed down in late July 2009 and I heard from sources that my ex-landlord wanted to look for another dessert seller to take over. Well, he did find another dessert seller to take over the stall and it opened for business in mid October 2009. For the past few months, my business was again affected and turnover was lower but at least, thank Daddy God, the impact was far less than when that first stall opened in October 2007.

While the first stall lasted 22 months, thank Daddy God that this time, I received His victory in 4 months! Yes, the second stall has officially closed down on last Saturday, 6 February 2010! Hallelujah! Again, victory was not achieved by me but received from the Lord.

This second stall was opened by a lady who boasted (loudly to my neighbouring stall so that my mum could hear every word) that she had 30 years' of experience in the dessert business (she was working as an assistant in a dessert chain before she made this short-lived move to open her own stall) and therefore had the confidence to open her stall here despite the existence of my stall and another dessert stall situated at the other end of the hawker centre.  Based on feedback from some other stallholders, the taste of her desserts, though not fantastic, was acceptable and my own eyes witness that she had her share of customers as well.

Pastor Prince preached in the very last sermon of 2009 that 2010 is going to be the year of restful increase but to be honest, I have not been restful since the start of the year, worrying about the lower business volume and how to pay my bills.  That is why you have not seen me writing much last month.

I am thankful that while I was feeling down and empty of God's Word, Geri was overflowing with His Word and I was blessed and gradually rejuvenated by the words of encouragement in her notes on facebook even though they were not specifically directed at me (see my previous post).

I am also thankful that my mum bought Joel Osteen's DVD album and brought it to the stall.  I played his sermon "A New Season of God's Mercy (Favour)" over and over again at the stall, and his simple sermon about how one touch of God's favour can turn things around for me stirred up my spirit and re-ignited the hope I have in the Lord.  Slowly but surely, my heart began to rest and I just trusted that the Lord will do something for me.

As it turns out, as I was slowly beginning to rest, Daddy God moved for me and the second stall suddenly closed down last Saturday.  I did not expect it because just a few weeks ago, that lady put up Chinese New Year decorations at her stall and even installed a pair of Chinese mythical creatures (statues) which were supposed to draw prosperity into her stall.

Thank you Daddy God for your favour and I look forward to even more of your favour in the coming days. Amen!


cybeRanger said...

God is good and faithful.

HOPE stands for "Having Only Positive Expectations".

Have a WONderful CNY and roaring success in every area of your life in Christ. Cheers!

Stanley Wong said...

Thanks cybeRanger :-) Enjoy a new season of God's favour in the Year of the Tiger!

Malcolm Loh said...

Hi Stan

Amazing testimony! PTL!

No weapon formed against you shall prosper!

Kaffein said...

Woo... I am encouraged! Only Abba Father can move in our favour for Christ's sake.


Anonymous said...

Our Abba Daddy loves you too much to allow you to fail in competition. Our Lord Jesus' sacrifice is already an over payment.

He Became Poor, So That We Become Rich!