Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He Who Fights To Uphold The Law Ends Up Breaking The Law

Do you guys still remember my article about plagiarism committed by a certain Pastor Koh? Pastor Koh "wrote" an article on "Antinomianism" which basically accused us, embracers of the gospel of grace, of  being lawless and therefore being licentious to sin.  Isn't it an irony that he who fights to uphold the Law ends up breaking the Law? While plagiarism is not a crime according to our criminal law system, it is certainly a breach of the 10 Commandments for plagiarism is basically lying, deceiving others into believing that someone else's work is your own.

Well, today I am going to write about what looks suspiciously like plagiarism by a certain Pastor Kong who is well-known for his defense for the 10 commandments' importance in guiding a Christian's daily walk (you can read his article, "Do We Need The 10 Commandments?" here).

I received an email today alerting me to a blog ( which (I believe) devoted considerable time and resources to track down certain articles in cyberspace which bear an uncanny similarity to certain articles/passages written by Pastor Kong.

For your convenience, I have reproduced two examples below (but do visit the original blog for even more examples):


Joshen said...

I would not take a side right now, but just wanna point out in fairness that it is possible that Ps Kong did not personally write that article. Similar to how NCC has a team of writers to put together our website and magazines, they too may have people in place to do that. Pastor Kong may at the most read through it, approve it and forward it to the IT guy for posting. He may not even know it bears resemblence to the articles already on the net, cos he probably trusts the writers and does not see a need to police their work.

To give benefit of doubt, I'd say at most, one of the servers got a bit lazy and "researched" something to make a deadline.

side joke: when you copy from 1, its plagiarism, when you copy from 100, its research.. HAHA

Daughter Of Sarah said...

Joshen- LOL!

Hmmm... that is a good point you brought up that I forgot. You might be right and spot on. Thanks Joshen for the reminder.

I do feel however, that there should have been safeguards in place to check the writings submitted. As plagiarism has happened before, they should have especially set up the necessary safety net just in case.

And it would be gracious to at least apologise and attribute the article to the author in the next publication... not quietly sweep it under the carpet. Recognising your mistake, apologising and moving on is also part of having integrity.

Pretending it didn't happen is still a lie.

(Love the joke at the end!)

Joshen said...

Haha, yea... I tried using it as an excuse to get past the system they had in school but my lecturers didnt buy it for a single moment... =/

I agree with you. Taking responsible action is necessary but we got to make sure the problem is reaching the ears of those on top.

Sometimes the leaders are really all that we can ask for, but the people below them, especially those who are young in the faith, have the risk of wanting to do God's job of protecting their leadership, and as a result, human honey is produced.

What could happen, is that perhaps an average church member brings it up to his CGL, but because of that mentality, it stops there.

Or, for fear of being labled as "causing dissent among the brethren", they may not dare voice it out at all...

What we as outsiders should do is to write in to alert the decision makers of the problem. If one leader fails to bring it up, we find another leader. If that does not work, we approach someone with higher rank, all the way up. Surely someone among so many would have some wisdom to act, or else the church would not be where it is today.

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Joshen,
You made a good point there that Pastor Kong may not have been the actual person who wrote the articles. If that is actually the case, that opens up the question of the actual value of a website which is named after himself.

If that is actually the case, I wonder how people would feel if they were looking for words of wisdom from the man himself but finally discover that those words were not written by him but a team of writers?

Cheat Grace said...

Stanley, there is also the matter that the said articles are printed in Kong Hee's book under his own name "Renewing your Spiritual Life..." KH claims the copyright over all the articles in the book - those copied from elsewhere and also those written by these 'ghostwriters."

Hmmmm, what do you call a person when he claims to do a pice of work that is actually done by others?