Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pastor Kong Hee's Response To Plagiarism Allegation

CHC member, Terence Lee has blogged about Pastor Kong Hee's response to his query on Facebook regarding the alleged plagiarism.  According to Terence, Pastor Kong Hee has replied that CHC is presently is in the process of attributing the devotionals to the right sources and that there was never any intention to claim sole authorship over the devotionals.

Questions remain but Terence said that he would be meeting with one of the pastors soon and hopefully, a clearer picture would emerge then.  However, I'm curious why the CHC leadership does not just simply explain this plagiarism issue directly through its own website but chooses to have a dialogue with Terence and then let him do the explaining for the church.

May 27 Update: City Harvest Church will be issuing a response to explain its oversight in not attributing Reverend Kong Hee's daily devotionals to sources, possibly by this week, said a pastor of the megachurch.
(Source: Terence Lee)

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