Friday, June 4, 2010

Front Page News

You guys must be thinking I'm gonna talk about Pastor Kong Hee again ... Not!

I'm talking about my own senior pastor, Pastor Joseph Prince, who appears on the front cover of the June issue of Charisma magazine, a leading Christian publication in the United States, with more than 600,000 readers.

"In this issue, Charisma magazine explores the phenomenal growth Joseph's international broadcast ministry has experienced since its inception in 2007, delving as well into the essence of Joseph's message – the gospel of grace wrapped up in the perfect, finished work of our glorious Savior, Jesus Christ – which he began preaching radically almost 13 years ago. "

You can join an online contest to receive one of 150 free copies to be given away.


Joshen said...

You can also read it online if you take 5 minutes to register on the offical Charisma magazine website... They have a digital version and apparently they like the digital one better cos it comes with videos and music...

Stanley Wong said...

Thanks for the info, I'll check it out :-)

Liu said...

ya, try:

& for TBN.

But be warned that NOT all messages or sermons are Grace based, lots of mixtures actually, lots of ra-ra "sermons" etc.

I happened to watched one "powerful" sermon one minister with the initials J.H. who preached from 1 King 18:1, about Elijah. THEN throughout the "powerful" sermon, he kept saying "Elisah" instead. Initially I thought I heard wrongly, but it was for the good half of the sermon, to the extent I can't take it anymore, that I switched off. Later I confirmed with my wife, who said she also heard him saying "Elisah".

But I did hear from Dodie Osteen - Joe Osteen's mum, who shared her healing testimony. I think that did ministered. She "outlived" John, who went home to be with the Lord, even though she was diagnosed to die within weeks some 28 years ago.

Shalom Shalom