Saturday, June 5, 2010

"To The Best Of Our Efforts"

In my May 31 post, I analyzed Pastor Kong Hee's "apology" in detail, and if you recall, I highlighted a caveat in his "apology":

"we have been in the process of properly crediting, to the best of our efforts, the original sources of the entries in question on the website edition of Daily Devotion"
- Do you see the subtlety of a caveat added there? No? Let me show you: "to the best of our efforts". Do you know what this mean? It means that should Cheat Grace later unveil any further evidences of plagiarism, you should cut them some slack as they are trying their best to properly credit the original sources and may have inadvertantly missed out on that particular article.  Do you know what this also means? That they are not even sure of the actual extent of the plagiarism and are having difficulty digging all of them out. Their 20 May article is a case in point.

True to form, Cheat Grace, in a comment on Terence Lee's post yesterday said "The first two paragraphs of today's KH devotion "No Substitute for God" is almost word-for-word copied from a Rick Warren 1999 article "Accept No Subtitutes"".

I checked out both articles and reproduce them below:

12 June Update:


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