Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A New Beginning - Update

My first landlord's stall all shuttered up
Last month, I moved my dessert stall to my new location at #02-130 which is directly opposite the unit where I first started my business (#02-141) and I am happy to report that my sales turnover has improved a lot compared to when I was at my previous location (#02-139). Thank you, Lord :-)

If you are a little confused about the above-mentioned locations, please read my 1 July post. Anyway, if you recall, in that post, I shared with you my "history" with my first landlord (#02-141), how he is persistently trying to put me out of business by insisting on renting his stall out to only tenants who also sell desserts.

After I vacated his unit and moved to #02-139 three years ago, my first landlord rented out his unit to his sister-in-law to open a dessert stall in order to cut off my business. However, he had to personally shut down her business 22 months later as she owed him several months of rental and utilities bills and couldn't pay (I blogged about this here). Subsequently, after a 3 month search, he found another tenant to open a dessert stall, which also closed down after less than 4 months.  My first landlord then spent another 5 months searching for another tenant to sell desserts (meanwhile leaving his stall empty) but I guess he could not bear the wait any longer and rented his stall out to a lady selling cut fruit, fruit juice and smoothies.

Her stall opened for business on the same day I did last month, and her business volume was very bad for the first week but gradually picked up over the next two weeks. I was hoping that she would do well since she was not really in the dessert business and thus not a direct competitor.  However, her stall has been shuttered up since then and I began to wonder whether she had decided to quit.  Yesterday, the lady finally came down to pack up her stall (see pic above) and confirmed her decision to quit. She even gave me a can of "nata de coco" which she no longer needed for her business.

Now, I wait once again to see who my first landlord will line up to be his next tenant. I won't be holding my breath though, since his last search took about 5 months. Meanwhile, my Lord continues to watch over me.

Thank you, Lord :-)


Job said...

Hello "Logical Christian",

i don't know if i am at the right place to ask, but i give it a try....

I follow different bloggs also ROOTS.
But it is not possible for me to follow that blog, because i am not invited?

Do you know that guy? And is it possible for me to folllow his storries? I was always so blessed by it.

If it is not possible or if you can't help me, thats no problem, because i can follow still your blogg.

Thanks for the blessing.

A guy from Holland,

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Job,
I just tried to read Rootss but also couldn't. I think Mal must have privatized his blog recently.

Job said...


that a shame,
but thank you for trying.

And i will keep on reading your blogg!!


Anonymous said...

Why the landlord so like that? Is it just poor business sense on his part or has there been bad blood before the episode? But I'm happy that you're doing well.

Stanley Wong said...

You can read a brief "history" of my dispute with my ex-landlord here -

Anonymous said...

My conclusion: BOTH poor business sense and bad blood. LOL. What a jerk.