Thursday, August 12, 2010

The One Thing I Appreciate Most About New Creation Church

There have been quite a few articles written recently in the newspapers about megachurches in general, and judging from the interviews with the theologians, lecturers and other church leaders, it seems that one of the main reasons the megachurches are attracting more people is the more contemporary way in which the megachurches are run, as can be seen in their style of worship, management structure, use of technology, etc.

However, for me personally, these are not the things which attracted me to New Creation Church. The ONE thing which attracted, and still attracts me, is how the sermons in NCC have radically changed the way I see God. These sermons reveal to me the true character of my God and now I have a good opinion of God.

The two sermons which really impacted me and began the change in my perspective of God are "The Significance of the Cross" and "Understanding the Major Covenants In the Bible" by Pastor Joseph Prince. I will not be expounding on those sermons but I highly recommend that you listen to them for yourselves.

I just read a report in The Christian Post Singapore, "Bible Presents God's Character, Not Concepts: Theologian", which really speaks to my heart, and which accurately describes what NCC is doing week after week, ie. revealing to us God's character through Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross. That is the one thing I appreciate most about NCC.

God bless NCC.


Joshen said...

The only thing i dun like about NCC is that we dont have services everyday... T~T

Liu said...

Recently too many videos been played ... kind of disappointed. I can watch videos at home or on my computers ... I came to church (call me old fashion) to listen to the Pastor preach the Word of God ... it need not be Pastor Prince, I am here for God's Word, so it can be Pastor Lian, Pastor Joshua, Pastor Mark, Pastor Benjamin, Pastor Darren, Pastor Henry, Pastor Lawrence or any of the Pastors. They are ministers of God, called and ordained ... I had rather listen "live" than to watch videos...

Those were the good old days, 4 "live" services plus 2 midweek "live" services ... how spoilt we were ...

Shalom Shalom,

Joshen said...

Yup! I preferred it when it was all live too, and when pastor preached midweeks also.. But the change has not really affected how much we receive.. It depends on attitude, and how much we expect from God during the service..

When you come to the service expecting LOTS of revelation and expect to be ministered and expect to receive a "NOW" word from God, does not matter if it is a recording or live or a simple replay of the last 10 years starting from the very first tape, God will speak to you!

Thats the difference between normal sunday service and church camp.. people demand more from God during Church camp, cos its overseas and they paid money, and its "special".. likewise if we treat sunday as special instead of "normal-here-we-go-again" sunday, we receive better...

Another thing i dont like about our church is that we are too quiet... need to "AMEN! " AWESOME!!" "WHOO!!" more.. service is much more responsive when someone starts the ball rolling...

Malcolm Loh said...

Just to let you know not only NewCre has preachers who unveil Jesus and His finished work.

So does my church. Or to be more precise, one particular pastor from my church :-)

If we remained focused on the Message, and not the messenger, then we will be alright, no matter which church we attend.

Kevl said...

Hi Stanley! Two quotes from your article really stood out to me.

"These sermons reveal to me the true character of my God and now I have a good opinion of God."

OUCH! Everyone who handles the Word of God ought to be shown this statement by you.

The other is the title of a link "The Bible Presents God's Character, Not Concepts" YES!! What folly we can get ourselves into when we start reducing revealed Truth as just a concept that may or may not be important enough to understand and apply.

Great title!! I hope to read this article later.

In Christ,