Thursday, October 21, 2010

Game Over, Finally

To my friends who have been following my long-running (3 years) saga with my first landlord, I'm happy to announce that it is game over, finally. My first landlord has finally given up on putting me out of business by operating a dessert stall to intercept my business; he has now decided to open a noodle stall instead.
[24 Nov Update: The stall opened for business on 28 Oct but closed down on 23 Nov because he was not satisfied with the sales revenue. He's trying to rent out the stall again.]

This is my final post on the saga between me and my first landlord. I thank Jesus for seeing me through a difficult three years which have taught me to cling on to His favour no matter what my eyes see in the natural. Indeed, His favour has now started to manifest when He moved me to my current location on July 1 this year. My business has now improved so much that other stallholders have noticed and commented on it and I believe my first landlord has seen it too and therefore decided to back off. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness, hallelujah!

Those of you who don't know or cannot remember what happened between my first landlord and me can refer to my earlier posts:


MyExceedinglyGreatReward said...

Indeed anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.

Btw I love His style of giving favor and saving - it's really elegant. (As a software engineer I appreciate such things). It's not loud or crudely overt, but always very subtle, always supernaturally natural. Yet you know that it's not you but Jesus who caused you to prosper, again and again and again. I love how He works, and I love seeing Jesus working in the lives of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope He prospers you even more so you can blog more here :).

Stanley Wong said...

Amen! Yes, He prospers us in such a supernaturally natural way that we may be tempted to think that it is our own hands who prospered us.

I think that is why He went thru three difficult years with me so that I am now acutely aware that He is the one who is prospering me.

MyExceedinglyGreatReward said...

Yeah now can I understand why we "praise the Lord, for He is good". Even when we don't "feel" that He is good, or see with our natural eyes that He is good. But indeed He still is, even though we might not have the answer to our prayers yet. But He ALWAYS answers in time. He is ALWAYS faithful. He never fails. And those who put their trust in Him shall never be put to shame.

Just like if we had a really good and reliable friend, there is sometimes no need for a written contract or an audible reassurance or even a good "feeling" from us, to know that this reliable and good (but still imperfect) friend will help us out in times of need. I suppose this is basically "walking by faith and not by sight". Much more so with the Lord, who is perfect.

Indeed "the prayer of the righteous man avails much", and we are made perfectly righteous by the blood of Jesus. See how it all connects by the sacrifice of the Lamb?.

Pardon me Stanley if I kind of use your comments section as a means to vent some (good) things from my heart. It serves as a good reminder for me too, in case I start to foolishly think that all the good things that have happened to me I have received by my efforts or sheer luck :).

blogpastor said...

I think the new tenant is suffering too from what I have observed so far.

Stanley Wong said...

The noodle stall is actually owned by the landlord who hired a noodle chef to run it.

However, I just heard from the noodle chef that the landlord is going to end the business at the end of the month because he is not satisfied with the sales revenue so far. He is offering to rent the stall to the noodle chef instead.