Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Out

I blogged for the very first time (read post here) this day two years ago. I started my own blog because I wanted to share what I learnt in New Creation Church with fellow Christians who felt lost and searching for meaning in their own Christian lives.

I was like that once, before I came to NCC. I only knew and experienced my Christian life as a ticket to heaven, an escape from hell after I die, nothing more. I was a zombie Christian; there was no life in me. I lived the same way as one without Christ, people could not tell that I am a Christian and some acquaintances even expressed surprise when I told them I am one.

However, after I came to NCC on 19 Oct 2003, my Christian life began to stir and I experienced a "re-rebirth". Slowly but surely I was awakened from my zombie state; my opinion of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit changed (read post here). I now live my Christian life free of condemnation and locked in God's deep perfect love for me. How liberating and invigorating this is, and I wanted to share this discovery with fellow zombie Christians.

I started out sharing through posting comments on articles written by blogpastor and some other Christian bloggers but I soon realized that there were many who disagreed with my (NCC's) take on the scriptures, and these people drowned out my often lone voice in a sea of counter comments which I often find illogical from a Christian perspective.

Hence, I decided to write my own blog (and hence, the name "The Logical Christian") so that my voice can be heard loud and clear even if my articles do invite negative comments. I am glad and thankful that through these two years of blogging, there were some who expressed their appreciation of my articles which have helped them. I am also glad and thankful that through these two years of blogging, I have met online and later offline friends who share the same faith.

However, after two years of blogging, I feel it is time now for me to take a break from blogging regularly. I have actually already slowed down my blogging for the past few months but I guess it is appropriate that I make it "official" today.

Since July when I moved to my present stall location, I have experienced a sudden and tangible increase in peace and joy; I am basking in the warmth of Daddy God's love and am so acutely conscious of His hand in my business and in my relationship with my wife and children.

I sense the Holy Spirit telling me to take a break from writing and concentrate on living, on experiencing God's blessing which He promised to me in Psalm 128:

1BLESSED (HAPPY, fortunate, to be envied) is everyone who fears, reveres, and worships the Lord, who walks in His ways and lives according to His commandments.
    2For you shall eat [the fruit] of the labor of your hands; happy (blessed, fortunate, enviable) shall you be, and it shall be well with you.
    3Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the innermost parts of your house; your children shall be like olive plants round about your table.

I am not saying I am out of the blogging game for good. I'm just taking a time out and hopefully, I'll be back ;-)


Liu said...


Hv a gd break :) Remember I told you that it's a challenge to blog regularly (esp for a breadwinner with family to feed) & I believe many readers appreciate the efforts and sacrifices you have made to blog :)

Were you at Suntec McDonald before 2nd Service last Sunday? Thot I saw you then I tried looking for you, you might have left :)

Anyway, our beloved Liverpool is stuttering again :( They need a few more top players to carry the team, cannot just depend on Torres and Stevie ...

Next big match for LFC, if not too late, we kopi and watch :) SMS me

Shalom Shalom

Stanley Wong said...

Thanks William. No, I wasn't at McD :-) Hope LFC can hang on to reasonable position in Jan and get reinforcements. Will love to watch a LFC match with u soon :-)

blogpastor said...

A break is good but do come back.