Monday, January 30, 2012

Time To Say Goodbye

I have decided that now is time to say goodbye, time to close down this blog.

I feel that now is the right time since I no longer have to be the "voice of one calling out in the wilderness", shouting out the gospel of grace because the main messenger himself, Pastor Joseph Prince, now has his own international and online ministry to reach out to the masses directly.

In Nov 2008, when I first started starting writing this blog to share the gospel of grace which I heard from Pastor Prince, there was great controversy and misgivings over his teachings. Some people even labelled Pastor Prince's teachings as heresy; there was one guy who wrote an article on his blog entitled "Joseph Prince The Heretic".

During that time, there were many people writing on the internet criticizing Pastor Prince's teachings based on hearsay rather than listening to his messages for themselves. I felt I had to write my own blog to clarify these misconceptions as my rebuttals to these erroneous articles on their blogs were often drowned out by a sea of like-minded critics.

However, how things have changed since then. Pastor Prince now has his own TV programme in the US on TBN, the largest Christian TV network in the world, his own online presence through facebook, twitter and his own website. He has also published several best-selling books, such as "Destined To Reign" and "Unmerited Favour".

While it was not easy or convenient for people, even in Singapore, to have access to his materials then, they are now easily available online for people all over the world.

Pastor Prince's teachings have gone from being "heresy" into the mainstream. Many pastors all over the world have been positively impacted by his teachings, and some new churches have even started through the influence of his teachings (yes, Peter Sze, I am thinking about you ;-)). Last October, Pastor Prince preached in the largest church in the US, Pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church. Average attendance in New Creation Church itself has grown from 12,900 in 2006 to 23,000 in 2011. The highest attendance ever was 32,500 on the first day of this year - 01/01/2012.

I don't need to clarify Pastor Prince's teachings anymore. Those who are interested can now easily listen to or watch his sermons for themselves, or read his books instead of relying on other people's second hand opinions, and make up their own minds for themselves.

It's time for me to exit the scene; so this blog will go offline at the end of the week.



kit fan said...

Now is the time of salvation.
Now is the time of healing.
Now His faith will work in your family.
I pray that His blood of protection and healing overflows in your wife's body and she will be healed.
In all that has happened and what is to come, may you recieve grace upon grace.

No disease can overcome the power of Jesus. Everything bows in His name.

May Jesus Himself shines forth His glory in your circumstance.

I may not know you personally, but the church stands as one whole, and when 2 shall agree, the power of God will not put us to shame.

I call all these good things a done deal in Jesus's mighty hands and name.


Stanley Wong said...

Yes and amen!